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  • 1/28/02 Yes folks, after 4 and 1 Half years, the Blackouts are Still Together with the ORIGINAL 8 members.  Call it fate, call it fantasy, call it fiona apple, but we're probably not going anywhere for a while, so be sure to catch a show.   We're working on new songs.  Shows are going really well in Rochester. Thank you friends, family, girlfriends, and friendgirls everywhere!
  • 5//8/01 It has been decided that the band is going to stay together after college.  Brendan, Brian, and Dan will be living together in Rochester.  Berner will still be in Geneseo. Tad and Dave will be in Buffalo. Darcy will be going to SUNY New Paltz. We plan on writing a lot of new material in the near future, and make a run on the Rochester scene. Thank you everyone for your support.  You have helped us get to where we are in the last  3 years. (Yes, we've come a long way since playing at Red Jacket dining hall!)
  • 1/3/01
  • Amazingly, we are now officially in the new millenium. The Blackouts are playing all semester long in Geneseo and the rest of the state. This will be our last semester at this fine college, and the future is up in the air...

  • The Blackouts are still being featured on a compilation by Stub Daddy Records. Also on the Comp are Ska greats such as Spring Heeled Jack, Edna's Goldfish, and the Pietasters. Visit for more info.